How to Measure Your Fireplace for a Wood or Gas Insert

Inserts are designed to be installaed into an existing open wood burning fireplace to transform it into an energy efficient zone-heating machine.  This makes it a very attractive option, especially in our current economical condition where energy saving is a crucial part of most homeowner’s lifestyles.

Also, most insert’s do not require electricity to operate and will be there for you when you lose power.

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Fireplace Measurement Chart

In order to ensure that your fireplace insert will fit in your fireplace, be sure to measure the dimensions of your fireplace. Please print this page and then fill in the table below with your fireplace dimensions. Bring the completed table with you when you come to our store. It may also be helpful to fill in the “Other Useful Information” table as well.

Customer Name: _______________________________________________ Date: __________________

Fireplace Dimensions
A Opening Height
B Opening Width
C Bottom Depth
D Raised Hearth Height
E Hearth Depth
F Rear Height
G Rear Width
H Height at 18″ Depth
I Width at 18″ Depth
J Lintel Width
(Face to Flue Opening)
K Depth of Damper Opening
L Height to Mantel

Note: Dimensions A through G are the most important.

Other Useful Information
Chimney Type
___  Masonry
___  Metal
Chimney Flue Size
_______  x  _______
Approx. Chimney Height
Fireplace Face
___  Stone
___  Brick
___  Other

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