Outdoor Fire Pit

For that “around the campfire” experience choose the FireRock Fire Pit. Our Fire Ring is a low maintenance focal point that can enhance any outdoor living area. This product may be installed as a wood burning installation or may be installed with a gas burner. Riser blocks are available to customize the height of the fire area for your outdoor space. The masonic stone work of our Fire Pit option gives your fire feature long lasting quality, while simultaneously ensuring safety. Like all FireRock products, the Fire Ring can be veneered with the masonry material of your choice. With the right design, you can even outfit the structure with a grilling grate.

  • Available sizes: 44″
  • Modular design with no single component over 60 lbs.
  • Riser kit(s) available for increased height – one riser provides additional 6″


Site Preparation

  • Generally, a concrete pad 4-6″ thick with footings as dictated by local building codes, is the best surface on which to erect any fire feature
  • With proper ground preparation, such as the gravel and sand layering under a paver patio, a FireRock Fire Ring may be installed without a concrete foundation
  • If it is your intention to install this product on a combustible surface (wooden deck), take extra precautions to insulate the surface under and surrounding the Fire Ring so that neither heat transference nor sparks present a hazard
    Note: FireRock Adhesive Mortar is mandatory for assembly of this product.

(includes weight and all other dimensions we currently have on our pages)

Width: 44″

Height: 12″

Interior Diameter: 30″

Height with Riser: 18″

Weight: 528 lbs

Riser Height: 6″

Riser Weight: 320 lbs

Veneer Surface Required: 20 sq ft



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