At Gagnon Clay Products, our team of NFI certified technicians are equipped to service all fireplace brands. Whether you need a fall checkup, diagnosis and repair, or a complete fireplace replacement, our technicians have experience and qualification that you can trust.

 We do Free on site estimates for installation of new fireplaces and inserts


Service FAQs

What are your Service Rates?

  • We charge a higher rate for the first hour to cover the costs of our making the trip to get to you (person-hours, gas, vehicle operating cost, etc.).  For service calls within 25 miles of our shop this is $169
  • Our rate for each hour — after the first  hour — is $70 per hour, pro-rated for the time we actually spend servicing your fireplace.

Do you provide estimates for repair?

  •  We arrive at the service site with the intention of fixing your fireplace on that same trip.  No, we do not provide estimates for service and repair.

 What if my fireplace repair requires a part?

  •  If the service technician has the part needed, the cost of the part will be added to your invoice total for the service call. If the service technician must order your part, you will prepay for the part. When the part arrives at our warehouse, we call you and schedule a service appointment to install the part. The service labor rate, (excluding the trip charge) applies to the subsequent service call.
  • We work on almost every brand of fireplace on the market; therefore, sometimes we will not have the part needed for your fireplace.
  • Our service technicians carry a good supply of parts, and they carry the parts that are most prone to failure.

Do you guarantee your work?

Our work has a 90 day guarantee. The guarantee covers the work done for the problem reported and repaired, and any parts that we install.

(Prices are subject to change depending on nature of job or locations over 30 miles away)

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